About Us

NYME are specialists in Nordic premium liquid marine collagen. We infuse Norwegian collagen with vitamins and minerals.  We are serious about the benefits of marine collagen.  NYME collagen is scientifically formulated with superior bioavailability and absorption.  We are proud that NYME collagen is 100% natural and ethically sourced from sustainable fish.

Our focus is based on self-care and wellbeing from within. Our goal is to provide a natural approach to achieving glowing and radiant skin.  We want you to have confidence in your skin. Our inspiration is to support your skin through life's journeys. Our promise is to only use premium and natural ingredients. 

NYME collagen improves skin elasticity and hydration and reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. 

NYME is a combination of two words, "NY" is the Norwegian word for new. ME is ME. New Me.  

Our head office is based in the beautiful city of Oslo in Norway. Everything we do, focuses on key Norwegian values of quality, honesty, integrity, and transparency.  

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