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NYME Collagen are collagen supplement specialists in premium Norwegian liquid collagen. Our goal was to create the ultimate collagen drink using a scientific formula, proven results and great taste.  We want to provide a natural approach to anti-ageing using ingestible marine collagen.  NYME Collagen is the best marine collagen drink in the UK.  Let us tell you why …

- Proven Results - 86% saw results in 12 weeks 
- Concentrated and pure marine collagen - 10,000mg in each drink
Scientific formula contains 13 powerful ingredients
- Delicious Taste
- 95% Absorption 

    NYME Collagen uses natural and sustainable ingredients. And finally, a few words about our name...

    NYME is a combination of two words, "NY" is the Norwegian word for new. ME is ME. New Me.

    We hope you love NYME Collagen as much as we do!  


    NYME Nordic provides anti-ageing marine collagen and vitamin drinks.  

    Our mission is to provide effective and natural ingestible skincare and wellness drinks.  e want to share the powerful benefits of liquid marine collagen with women and men across the world.  

    The company’s unique liquid collagen formula targets specific skin concerns by focusing on science, results and wellness from within.  NYME Nordic was founded in 2019 and is based in Oslo and London. 

    Thank you for choosing NYME Collagen

    Proud to say that we have the best collagen supplement in the UK

    NYME Collagen is scientifically formulated with superior bioavailability and absorption.  If you are investing in a quality collagen supplement, you must ensure that the active ingredients are absorbed.  With a total of 13 active ingredients, we are confident that you will be happy with the results.  

    Now, let us share why we do what we do! 

    Our FOCUS is self-care and wellbeing from within.  We want you to prioritise yourself. 

    Our GOAL is to provide a natural approach to achieving visible results for your skin, hair, nails and wellness! 

    Our INSPIRATION is to support your skin and wellbeing through life's journeys.

    Our PROMISE is to only use premium and natural ingredients. 

    We truly believe that our liquid collagen drink is the best in the UK, for this reason we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Try NYME Collagen today for a New You.

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