Our Story | NYME Collagen

We wanted to create the ultimate marine collagen drink packed with hyaluronic acid and additional vitamins.  Collagen concentration is so important and that's why we only use 10,000mg (10g) of marine collagen.  Taste is key when it comes to drinkable collagen.  Liquid collagen should be 100% natural and DELICIOUS.  Sustainability and traceability are equally important. 

Our journey started in the beautiful city Oslo (Norway) in 2019.   A few years later, we can proudly say that NYME Collagen is a game changer in the liquid collagen world.  We are now excited to be in the UK!  

Our PHILOSOPHY focuses on natural anti-ageing and wellness from within.   NYME Collagen is scientifically formulated to give results.  86% saw a result 12 weeks.  

We always enjoy explaining the origin of our brand name.  NYME is a combination of 2 words: NY means "new" in Norwegian + ME.  NEW ME.  

NEW ME or NYME is what it is all about...


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