Marine Collagen Benefits: Scientific Facts

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Do you require any evidence of "marine collagen benefits"? No need to search any further because we have compiled the findings and recommendations from a few scientific studies. In fact, there have been numerous clinical studies which review the use of marine collagen peptides (from fish).  The focus of these clinical studies has been the effect of collagen peptides supplementation on skin hydration, skin elasticity and the reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.  These studies have not reported any side effects. We are just introducing the most relevant studies.

As we know, collagen synthesis changes as we age.  Younger skin has 80% Type I collagen and about 15% Type III collagen. NYME Collagen+ contains Type I and Type III collagen. As we age, collagen fibres become thicker and shorter and Type I collagen is greatly reduced. When combined with a reduction of hyaluronic acid, these factors contribute to the appearance of ageing skin,  reduction in skin elasticity and increased appearance of  wrinkles [1-2].

Marine collagen molecule small Dalton weight.
Collagen benefits and results are seen after 12 weeks of usage.

Most studies involve taking collagen supplements for 12-24 weeks . The average daily dose of collagen is 5-10g (5,000-10,000mg). No side effects have been reported. The studies show improvements in the following:

Marine Collagen Benefits: Scientific Findings

The advantages of marine collagen discovered in the papers we looked at are listed below.

Collagen studies have shown improvement in cellulite.

Skin softness: improved in 35% and 54% of participants receiving collagen peptides after 28 and 56 days of treatment, respectively [7].

Benefits of liquid marine collagen for skin and beauty.

Skin smoothness: improved in 27% and 46% in participants receiving a collagen peptide supplement, after 28 and 56 days of treatment, respectively [7].

Marine collagen drinks increases skin hydration.

Skin firmness: improved in 27% and 58% of participants taking a collagen supplement, after 28 and 56 days of treatment, respectively [7].

Marine Collagen Benefits On Wrinkle Visibility

Wrinkle visibility: reduced in 38% of participants in the collagen peptide group after 56 days of treatment [7].

Collagen benefits for muscles and joints and mobility.

Collagen has also been used in wound healing and bone regeneration.

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There are some interesting facts when it comes to collagen and the menopause. Type I and III skin collagen is thought to decrease by as much as 30% in the first five years after menopause [8,9].

Now that you know all the main advantages of marine collagen, find out more about our collagen drink and discover how it differs from all the others in the UK market.

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Scientific Studies on Marine Collagen Benefits

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