Collagen Benefits

What is Collagen?

In the intricate tapestry of our bodies, collagen plays a remarkable role, often likened to the threads that hold everything together. This vital protein serves as the foundation for our skin, bones, muscles, and connective tissues, contributing to both our structural integrity and overall well-being. As a result, the benefits of collagen have sparked immense interest, driving its popularity in the realm of health and beauty.

Collagen, in essence, is the body's natural scaffold. It provides the framework upon which our skin's elasticity, hair's strength, and joints' flexibility rely. Imagine it as the glue that holds the body's intricate components together, ensuring that everything functions harmoniously. As we age, however, the production of collagen gradually decreases, leading to visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and even joint discomfort.

Collagen is a daily supplement taken by millions of people around the world.  Many celebrities take collagen supplements on a daily basis to keep skin radiant and youthful and their joints flexible. Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Khloe Kardashian are all fans.  What are the benefits of collagen? How does collagen work?  How is it produced in our bodies?  Which type of collagen is the best for our skin?  

Collagen is the most abundant  protein in our body.  It represents 30% of the whole body protein content and provides structure, strength and support  to our skin, muscles, connective tissues and bones.  Most people don't know that this key protein actually makes up 70% of our skin and it is responsible for skin strength and elasticity.  As we age we start to lose our collagen stores and we may to start to notice fine lines and wrinkles. Our goal should be to maintain healthy collagen levels because this is associated with improved skin elasticity and joint health.  

Hydrolysed Collagen - why is it different?

When collagen goes through a process called hydrolysis, the molecules is broken down into smaller molecules, referred to as peptides.  A smaller molecule has a smaller molecular weight, which greatly improves the bioavailabilty and absorption.   

When you eat a diet containing collagen rich foods, such as bone broth, the molecules have not been hydrolysed.  

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How do we maintain Collagen levels?

Collagen is produced by our bodies. Fibroblasts in the dermal layer of our skin are responsible for the synthesis or production of this important protein.  The dermal layer or the dermis, is the middle layer of the skin and this is where you find both collagen and hyaluronic acid.   

When we are young, our bodies consistently produce collagen. However, from the age of 25, production starts to naturally decline. Age reduces natural collagen levels, but changes in hormonal levels, such as the menopause, have also been associated with changes in collagen levels.  Oxidative stress resulting from smoking, alcohol and diets with high sugar content and processed foods, have also been associated with decreased collagen levels. Excessive sun exposure and low levels of Vitamin C are other contributing factors. 

How do we prevent collagen loss?  There are a number of strategies that may help with collagen loss.  A diet rich in citrus fruit, green vegetables and lean proteins such as meat and fish can help. Bone broth is a food item which has been become popular lately.  

So what else can we do to maintain our collagen levels?  We can't stop the ageing process, but we can try to avoid smoking and secondary smoking, alcohol, processed foods, excess sugar and UV lights (excessive sunbathing).  A convenient option is a good quality and concentrated hydrolysed collagen supplement. 

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What about Collagen supplements?

In its native form, collagen can’t be used by the body, because it is a large molecule which needs to be broken down.  Bioavailability refers to the rate at which a substance is absorbed into the body when ingested. Hydrolysed collagen is absorbed through the intestinal barrier into the bloodstream and then carried throughout the body as amino acids. This stimulates your own body to create more collagen where it’s needed. This may be in your skin, hair, nails or elsewhere. 

The appeal of collagen lies in its diverse benefits that touch various aspects of our physical well-being:

Skin Brilliance: Collagen contributes to the skin's suppleness and hydration. Its role in maintaining the skin's structure promotes a youthful and radiant complexion, often sought after by those keen on preserving their natural beauty.

Joint Support: Our joints rely on collagen to maintain their cushioning and flexibility. By replenishing collagen levels, individuals may experience increased comfort and enhanced mobility.

Strong Hair and Nails: Collagen is a building block for hair and nails, making them more resilient and less prone to breakage.

The Soaring Popularity of Collagen

Collagen's popularity is not a mere trend; it's a testament to its efficacy and impact. With an increasing focus on holistic well-being, individuals are seeking solutions that address their body's needs from the inside out. Collagen supplements have emerged as a sought-after answer, offering a convenient and science-backed approach to nourishing the body at its core.

Furthermore, the versatility of collagen's benefits has contributed to its broad appeal. It caters to various age groups and lifestyles, resonating with those who aspire to maintain youthful skin, support joint health, or enhance their overall vitality. Collagen's popularity isn't solely limited to the health and wellness domain; it has made its way into the beauty industry as well, highlighting its significance in promoting skin radiance and a youthful appearance.

Collagen's benefits and popularity are intricately interwoven. As a cornerstone of our body's structure, collagen goes beyond mere skin-deep benefits. Its role in supporting our physical vitality has captured the attention of health enthusiasts, sparking a widespread fascination with its potential. Whether you're embarking on a journey to healthier joints, vibrant skin, or stronger hair, collagen's allure lies in its ability to enhance our well-being from the inside, reflecting outward in a radiant display of vitality.

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What are the benefits of Collagen drinks?

There are 4 main benefits of liquid collagen, compared to pills and powders and they are as follows:


Liquid collagen has superior bioavailability compared to collagen pills and powders.  This means that it will be easier for your body to absorb the active ingredients.  Basically, they are more available for your body.  If you have decided to take a supplement, make sure that your body can absorb the active ingredients. 

NYME COLLAGEN+ has a 95% bioavailability compared to a 35% bioavailability associated with pills, capsules and powders.  We believe that bioavailability should be a key factor when deciding on the type of collagen you use on a daily basis. 


We use concentrated premium marine collagen in our products.   Each drink contains 10g or10,000mg of marine collagen.  This equates to roughly 5 times the collagen concentration used in other products.  Our aim is to provide our customers with a premium product. 


We have included 12 active ingredients, to support your skin and wellness.  Each one of our drinks contains  hyaluronic acid, 6 vitamins and 5 minerals.  NYME COLLAGEN+ is an "all in one" skin and wellness solution, which is equivalent to 15 pills or capsules. Time to say goodbye to swallowing large numbers of pills. 


Our drink is free from fillers, binders and artificial colours and flavours, which are often found in pills and powders.  Our collagen drinks are 100% natural and sustainable.  Our aim is to provide our customers with a premium and concentrated product. 

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Collagen - How quickly does it work?

This is the most important question!  We have to remember that we are all different and therefore we will see and feel results at different times.  Research shows that on average, results are seen in  it  will take 12 weeks (3 months).  However, some people will start to notice a difference within 4 weeks.   At first you may notice that your nails become stronger, your eyelashes start to become thicker and then that your skin becomes softer.  Everybody has a different journey, but it is important to take NYME COLLAGEN+ for 12 weeks to see and feel the full benefit. 

NYME COLLAGEN+ contains 10,000mg of marine collagen.  The collagen drink is infused with hyaluronic acid and 6 vitamins and 5 minerals.  This combination of marine collagen and 12 active ingredients, will boost internal collagen production and support your natural skin cycle. The flavour is 100% natural and absolutely delicious.  With NYME COLLAGEN+ there is not need to hide the taste.  

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