Marine Collagen Drinks: What to Expect after 6 Weeks

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In this blog we introduce some interesting facts about collagen consumption and benefits of marine collagen drinks. In China, women have been consuming collagen for hundreds of years, with the ultimate goal of having perfect skin.  In China and South East Asia, collagen is viewed as a fountain of youth.  Collagen-rich foods such as pigs trotters, shark fins, bird’s nests, swim bladders and sea cucumber, are consumed on a regular basis.  It is all about maintaining smooth skin and flexible joints.  In the US, Europe and UK, most proteins (meat and fish) are offered skinless and boneless in the supermarkets.  It can be challenging to consume enough of this important protein on a daily basis. 

Marine collagen drinks make it easy to integrate marine collagen into your daily routine.  These drinks often blend concentrated marine collagen with other skin-loving ingredients like vitamins, anti-oxidants and natural  flavours.  NYME Collagen is 100% natural and has a delicious strawberry flavour. 

This is the main reason for the popularity of marine collagen drinks.  They are ready prepared, practical and travel friendly, perfect for a busy lifestyle.  In the 1980s, collagen was used as an expensive injectable to plump lips and soften lines and wrinkles. This was the arrival of Botox and modern fillers. Collagen is a popular daily supplement and is available in many different forms: collagen pills, tablets, powders, gels, gummies and marine collagen drinks.  ‘Initially I thought it was a scam’: can collagen really turn back the clock?


"Collagen is seen as the glue that holds the body together"

Collagen NYME Nordic 14-day supply​​

Why are Marine Collagen Drinks the Best Choice?

Collagen is seen as the glue that keeps your body together.  It is made by our bodies and is 100% natural. Collagen makes up 70% of the dry weight of skin and  plays a key role in our skin. It gives our skin the volume which helps our skin to look youthful, plump and smooth. We have natural stores of collagen in our bodies, but these levels decrease with age. 

It is at this point that we start thinking about supplements and products which can help us look and feel younger. Collagen contains two important amino acids, proline and glycine which are required to maintain and repair your tendons, bones and joints. Maintaining flexible joints as we age is another priority for most people. 

From the age of 25 years onwards, we start to break down collagen faster than it can be replaced.  Our bodies keep producing collagen, but we lose about 1% of our collagen stores each year, starting from the age of 25. By the time we have reached 50 or so, we have lost nearly 50% of our collagen stores. 

Hormones play a part in this decrease, in particular the menopause.  Women's skin loses about 30% of collagen during the first 5 years of menopause.  The menopause is challenging as it is, with hot flushes, brain fog and mood swings.  


Collagen for Hair NYME Nordic​​
Collagen for Skin NYME Nordic​​

Marine Collagen Drinks and Results

We all want to see results quickly. In the realm of wellness, there are so many options promising radiant skin, great hair and agile joints.  Marine collagen drinks have emerged as a refreshing tide of nourishment and rejuvenation.  

Results with marine collagen drinks are typically seen in 12 weeks or 3 months.  This is similar to skincare products, it will take 2 or 3 skin cycles to reveal the full benefits.  It is important to give your supplements time to work.  The results you will notice after 12 weeks of daily use are: improved skin elasticity, enhanced skin hydration and smoother skin.  These will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  If you want to read a scientific summary, it is available here: Effects of hydrolyzed collagen supplementation on skin aging: a systematic review and meta-analysis

We are all different, and some may see benefits before 12 weeks.  These improvements can be seen at 6 - 8 weeks. However, we suggest to all our customers to take our marine collagen drink for 12 weeks to see the full benefit.  NYME marine collagen drink contain 10000mg (10g) of marine collagen. 

Collagen for Skin 25ml NYME Nordic​​
Collagen for Glowing Skin NYME Nordic​​

Marine Collagen Drinks and Efficacy

In the world of wellness beverages, marine collagen drinks have made a splash as a go-to option for enhancing skin radiance, hair strength, and joint flexibility. As you navigate through the sea of options, understanding what to look for in a marine collagen drink is key to ensuring you reap the maximum benefits. Here's a guide to help you make an informed choice.

1. High-Quality Marine Collagen

The heart of any marine collagen drink lies in the quality of its marine collagen content. Look for products that source their collagen from reputable and sustainable sources. Marine collagen derived from fish scales, skin, and bones is rich in the amino acids that support skin, hair, and joint health. Ensuring that the marine collagen used in the drink is of high quality is the foundation for a potent elixir.

2. Bioavailability of Liquid Marine Collagen

Bioavailability refers to how effectively your body can absorb and utilise the nutrients in a product. Opt for marine collagen drinks that feature hydrolysed collagen. This means that the collagen molecules have been broken down into smaller, easily absorbable peptides. Hydrolysed marine collagen offers improved bioavailability, allowing your body to make the most of its benefits.

3. Additional Nutrients

While marine collagen is the star of the show, many drinks are fortified with additional nutrients that enhance its effects. Look for drinks that contain vitamins like vitamin C, which supports collagen synthesis, and antioxidants that promote overall skin health. These additional ingredients can amplify the benefits of marine collagen and offer a holistic wellness experience.

NYME Collagen contains hyaluronic acid, 6 vitamins and 5 minerals. 

4. No Artificial Additives

When seeking the ideal marine collagen drink, steer clear of products loaded with artificial flavours, colours, and sweeteners. A truly beneficial drink should rely on natural ingredients that align with your health-conscious choices. Prioritise drinks with minimal or no artificial additives to ensure you're consuming a clean and wholesome beverage.

NYME  Collagen contains no artificial colours or flavours.

5. Transparency in Labeling

A reputable marine collagen drink will have clear and transparent labelling. This includes information about the marine collagen source, nutritional content, and any additional ingredients. Look for products that provide comprehensive information, so you can make an informed decision based on your dietary preferences and wellness goals.

6. Taste and Convenience

While the focus is on efficacy, the taste and convenience of the marine collagen drink also matter. After all, you'll be incorporating it into your daily routine. Opt for drinks with flavours that appeal to your palate, making it a delightful part of your wellness journey. Additionally, consider the packaging—choose a product that's convenient to carry and consume on-the-go.

NYME Collagen has a delicious  strawberry flavour and it's 100% natural.

Choosing the right marine collagen drink involves a combination of quality marine collagen, bioavailability, additional nutrients, transparency in labellng, and taste. By considering these factors, you can confidently select a marine collagen drink that aligns with your wellness aspirations. Remember, each sip is a step towards nurturing your beauty, vitality, and overall well-being with the nourishing power of marine collagen.

The factors which can affect the benefits of your chosen collagen supplement are listed below: 

1. Get the Right Collagen Dosage 

Results are linked to the daily dosage of collagen.  Choose a collagen supplement with a sufficient amount of collagen. Research shows that the ideal dose is 10,000mg or 10g daily.  Always take supplements as instructed. We suggest one NYME Nordic marine collagen drink per day. 

2. Importance of Diet and Collagen Levels

A diet filled with healthy proteins from high-quality, complete sources, such as lean cuts of meat and fish, will  be of benefit when introducing a daily marine collagen drink. 

3. Different Types of Collagen

There are 28 different types of collagen and each one has a different function throughout the body.  Collagen Type I is best for skin and Type II provides the best support for your joints. Pick the correct collagen type which supports your needs.   Marine liquid collagen drinks contain 95% type I collagen. 

4. Collagen pills/tablets and powders compared to Marine Collagen Drinks 

Collagen pills and tablets are readily available and relatively inexpensive.  However, they only contain around 500mg of collagen, which is a low dosage.  Most research shows that dosages of 10,0000mg of daily collagen supplementation is required to see benefits. Pills, tablets and gummies don't provide an adequate dose of collagen.  NYME Nordic's marine liquid collagen drink contains 10000mg. 

5. Marine Liquid Collagen - Bioavailability and Absorption

Bioavailability is the ability of an active ingredient to be absorbed and used by the body. Pills and tablets have 35% bioavailability, they work their way through your system before they start getting absorbed. Collagen powders have a slightly higher bioavailability and are absorbed a little bit better. The best bioavailability is seen with marine liquid collagen drinks. This is the main reason why marine collagen drinks have become so popular. 


Collagen from Norway NYME Nordic​​

There are 28 different types of collagen. Research shows that the best type for your skin is Type I, which is mainly found in fish skin.  It is referred to a marine collagen, which contains 95% type I collagen.  


Bovine collagen, sourced from cow hides and cow bones, contains only 5% Type I collagen. Bovine collagen is therefore not considered to be the best type for maintenance of youthful and plump skin. Choose a quality marine collagen drink. 

Hydrolysed collagen has been broken down into much smaller molecules, referred to as peptides.  This process increases bioavailability and absorption.  Read all labels carefully to ensure that your supplement contains hydrolysed collagen. 

NYME Nordic's marine liquid collagen drinks contains Hyaluronic Acid, to help keep skin plump and moist, working with collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even-out skin tone and restore a youthful radiance.